Yiping Dong


Yiping is a New York based graphic designer, UI/UX designer, a printed products maker, and a creative technologist.

Graphic Design

The Lost Apothecary

Book Jacket Design

This is a re-design of the book jacket of the novel The Lost Apothecary.

Kitchen Helpers


This is a miniature book about dumplings, including history of dumplings, a personal story about dumplings, and a dumplings recipe.

Han Jia Yi Shang

Information Booklet

Han Jia Yi Shang means the clothing of Han. This is a fun fact book on traditional Chinese clothing.

UI/UX Design


App UI/UX Design

Rocket, is an UI/UX project, which is a build-your-own ice cream sundae app. I collaborated with my friend Hyacinth Weng on this project.


Sweet Dream

Brand Creation

Sweet Dream is an Asian style fruit wine brand. Sweet Dream drinks are sweet and have a low content of alcohol.

Play Bar

Brand Creation

Play Bar is a brand that make accessible gaming hardware for seniors, and help creating the gaming community for seniors.

Illustration & Print Making

The Way to the Underworld

Hand Bound Zine

The Way to the Underworld is a hand bound zine. I replicated a traditional Chinese binding method and improved it to work with the paper I used.

Outside the Window

Illustrated Zine

Outside the Window is a zine that only has images. The pictures are digitally drawn and printed on vellum.

Creative Technology



CLUBtharsis is a speakeasy bar that we created as a performance for people to experience catharsis.


Immersive Installation

Non-Sighted is an immersive installation that focus on environment building with senses and feelings but not visual.

Motion Graphic


Looping Animation

Days is a looping animation made with After Effects, it is a seamless loop of a sunny day and a rainy day.

Beyond the Mountains

Kinetic Text Animation

Beyond the Mountains is a kinetic text animation made with After Effects.

Graphic Design

UI/UX Design


Illustration & Print

Creative Tech

Motion Graphic