Yiping Dong


Instagram: @yiping.art_wuyu

LinkedIn: @Yiping Dong

Email: dongy551@newschool.edu

Phone: (843)-450-3704

Full Resume


University: Parsons School of Design

Degree and Major: Bachelor of Arts in Design and Technology

Minor: Communication Design

Minor: Moving Image Arts

GPA: 3.92

Graduation: May 2023


Jun 2023 - Present

Graphic Designer    Donnamax, NY

Jul 2022 - Present

Creative Resident    The GIANT Room, NY

Dec 2021 - May 2023

Tutor    The New School Learning Center, NY

Aug 2021 - May 2023

Student Technician    Parsons Making Center, NY

May 2021 - Dec 2022

Design Internship    Name Glo, NY

Jul 2022

STEAM Project Facilitator    White Plains Public Library, NY

Academic Experiences


Branding Committee Lead

Design and Technology Class of 2023 Thesis Committee


Honored Graduate

Parsons BFA Design and Technology



Award of Excellence

MoCCA Art Fest

Oct 2021

Most Creative in Visual Art Honorable Mention

Quantum Design Jam Parsons x IBM


Adobe Creative Suite




Premiere Pro

After Effects






3D Modeling and Animating

Autodesk Maya


Other Software




Other Skills

Arduino Physical Computing

3D Printing

Laser Cutting

Print Making

Book Binding



Time Management

Oral Presentation



Chinese (Mandarin)




Stationery Collecting

Video Games

Traditional Asian Art



Interior Design

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More About Yiping

Hello! My name is Yiping Dong, currently a BFA student in the Creative Technology path of the major Design and Technology, with minors of Communication Design and Moving Image Art at Parsons School of Design of The New School.

I am interested in many different kinds of work, including but not limited to websites, games, animations, and films.

I also do some fan arts in my spare time, usually in video editing format, which I have 180k+ times of playing on Bilibili.

I am from Beijing, China, but I came to the US to study in middle school, so I can say that I grew up in two different cultures, both of which have a great influence on my work. Because I have been studying in the US for the most time, my professional techniques and theories are heavily influenced by Americans. However, the childhood influence that Chinese culture gave me rooted in my aesthetic.

“Be healthy” and “be happy everyday” are the most common things I say when I am asked to give wishes to others. There are people who are experiencing the torment of depression in my family. Because some of them have changed dramatically, both physically and mentally due to this imperceptible suffering, I think about what I can do to support them. I found life is usually hard and repetitive, but I always appreciate the smallest of pleasant moments. It could be as small as somebody holding the door for me when I have both of my hands occupied or telling a joke during the break of a long day of work. I don’t like talking about people’s pain or showing the trauma in my heart to resonate with others, just let me tell a joke. I believe a cute little joke can make you smile for at least that moment. I also believe in “putting people first” when I am doing design. I hope my design adds to the user’s joy with a nicely designed interface and won’t put them in a panic trying to figure out how to navigate around. I hope no one gets extra difficulties in their life.

I work in many media, they are mostly interactive pieces. The base of my design projects are always usability, then I add some warmth to it. I hope the experience is fluent and attractive. I focus on usability when I design, and make sure it will work for all kinds of people. If you get sick of it, just have fun, it is all I aim for. For my graphic designs and drawings, I hope to impress my audiences, but I am more concerned with them finding my work relaxing and pleasant to look at. I also make some films and animations. I hope my work can make my audience smile, then it is a good piece according to me, not necessarily the deepest story. The fun could be from the graphic, the picture, or maybe just something idiotic that happened. I always hope my audience can appreciate my humor, that is my goal when I try to tell a story.

Keep a smile on your face, try not to get overwhelmed by stress, nothing is unacceptable.

Be happy, be healthy.

My best wishes.